This is a project realised with a group of selected students from interior architecture and product design departments of Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts. The exhibition took place during the international Lodz Design Festival 2012.
As students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, future designers and curators 400m2 space incorporated in the 6th International Design Festival - Łódź Design 2012, we are aware of the processes that occur in design. The exhibition DESIGN IN, as our original idea is a pretext to launch an interdisciplinary dialogue already at university level. Based on five main themes: HOUSE, CITY, DESIGN, MULTIMEDIA, HEALTH we presented art and design projects in the context of works of Technical University of Lodz, University of Lodz, with the participation of the Polish Academy of Sciences. It highlighted the link between the students of various professions, and issues that occur in modern design.
Theme and arrangement of the space refer to the main topic of the whole festival- AWARENESS. At 450 square meters projects from very different fields are situated together. The visitor is guided through five paths of consciousness which show the connection between particular exhibits. It shows the importance of collaboration between the university, science and art students.
Authors: Pawel Szubert, Katarzyna Gołaszewska, Łukasz Brandt, Bogumiła Zawada, Ewelina Madalińska, Paulina Suszek, Paulina Maślak, Sabina Świątkowska, Katarzyna Similak, Urszula Marciniak

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