Ventura Lambrate, Milan Design Week 2015

All design and pictures credits: Pawel Szubert & Julia Schostak

current alchemy

Today, electricity is considered a common good, often taken for granted and easily accessible. We underestimate its price and cannot figure out its exact source. As a form of energy, its resources will remain limited and distance, also within our next habitat.

In this proposal electricity, a usually ephemeral phenomenon grows and crystallizes into a tangible artefact.It is a handmade product. Crystals of Rochelle Salt generate voltage when the pressure is applied to them. They hold a dash of hidden energy that is embedded within them. This energy can be put into use.

The System is composed of ingredients and accessories to produce piezoelectric crystals. The systematic process of preparing the liquid for crystallisation is slow. It underlines the value of work that is needed to create every volt. Each step has to be performed with care. This labour becomes a repetitive process close to contemplation. The obtained crystal is brittle. Too much pressure applied to extract its potential can crush the crystalline and annihilate the product of arduous preparation. Crystal - known as a status symbol and luxury good, here turns into a raw material for consumption.
Value of electricity and work that is contributed to generate it, are nowadays neglected. We tend to exploit it with an incredible ease. Proposal is aiming to address the habitat of limited sources.

Current Alchemy project was part of the “Next Habitat“ exhibition organised by Piet Zwart Institute at Ventura Lambrate during the Milan Design Week 2015. 

The project was published by magazines: , L:SN Global , artsthread and; mentioned in Frame Magazine #105