Folded Spaces

As an archetype element of an interior, storage is not a single particular thing. It doesn't have a precise form, usual dimensions or typical materials. It is a category of space, a spatial situation. During my research, I was trying to define what is a storage and what are its properties. What makes a particular space a storage.

Disconnection in the storage relieves things from their objecthood. Various spaces of rooms with their elements come together into one newly defined storage space. They change there through the processes of folding, disassembling and deconstruction. The storage space is a sort of folded - devaluated space of other spaces. Taken out of the context they don't appear to us as usual, useful commodities. We would have to separate and unfold them again to be able to read them. All these actions can lead to new approaches and views letting us redefine the object in a unique way.
The object is transformed into a pure, inarticulate material. It seems to return to its past form. The thing that used to be a wardrobe now is reduced to 76,56 kg of particleboard, ABS plastic, polypropylene plastic, fiberboard, melamine foil and aluminium. Everything together measures 185cm x 59cm x 16cm. Which new object might arise out of these components? Deconstruction leads to new future possibilities. Materials can be used to build something completely different. It would be hard to recreate the wardrobe in the exactly same, previous form not knowing how it looked before or not having any instructions.

Storing as a process of deconstruction brings new opportunities of creating and redefining objects. Invisible features are rendered and Connections that inform us about the history of the object revealed. That makes us reimagine objects and space. 

My material research on the objects transported from my basement to the studio led to a performative installation. - Created space can be folded and unfolded. Its elements react to each other changing their configurations. It is a device that could, through playful interaction, form a large series of different spaces with different potential for immediate use.